Poetry in Motion

Living everyday is like a winding road with twists and bends, I must navigate with rows of tiny symbols on paper before it is lost along the way in the rush.



My Angels

You were a phantom of delight,

when first you gleamed upon my sight,

heaven in your footsteps

and grace in your eyes.

you really were a blessing from above

in a disguise, you were sent down for me to love.

I love you more and more as every day goes by

But it’s painful and I pray to God

’cause I don’t know why!

Why things have gone the way that they do.

For the love of my life… Shania, Sonny and Afiqxz

copyright 2015 Bessie David




My life is in your hands;

My hope is “graciously” marred.

I live on honest Danes.

Merits is all I know

“Practise makes perfect”, I say!

But none too dared to show.

My pearls, I preach in spotless day,

The screams I hear in abundant mane

For all I care, the heathens pray.

The summers’ frame of earth less prey,

“I hear I hear the messengers’ plea!”

Of precious life a deed to spare

“My life is in your hands”, I say!

My hopes are hopeless, marred and bare

I hear, I hear no plea announced

Of what my life should be or should not be

I trail in blame, a thought to bear

My pray, a prayer of heart-felt snag,

My life! My life is in your hands.

© April 2015 by Bessielah David

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