After a tiring week of never-ending emails and endless telephone calls,

I needed quietness.

I walked to the beach to enjoy the cool see breeze.

The day was luminous and beautiful.

As I face the sparkling turquois sea, the islands welcomed me.

Blue enamel and white fluffy clouds swathe the horizon.

It’s so quite…only the droning of the airplane at the far distance,

Then the hum of dragon-fly wings, the lapping of the waves against the shore,

The buzzing of the bee over my head and the pandanus leaves interrupt my reverie.

From some hidden spot in the grasses,

A frog scolded the pilot for disturbing the peace.

Seagulls’ called from the far right; a chickadee chirped to my left.

A family of four sand crabs made an occasional dance, in search for food from where I sat.

A breathe of air stirred the palm trees,

And caused the fireweeds nearby to sway and shimmer.

The smell of seaweed was in the air.

It was a fishy smell, a pungent, salty odour.

I felt the warmth of the scorching sun, despite the sheltering trees.

Here and there, fireweed seedpod split open, releasing the white soft cotton.

The sea breeze ruffled the water.

I seemed to see a thousand silver-winged birds, dancing to their hearts’ content.