I wasn’t a mother when I married you,

yet you want me to be like your mother

I wasn’t “perfect” when you met me,

yet you expect me to be more than the other

I wasn’t expecting anything than acceptance,

of your love and repentance

I didn’t ask to fall in love with you

we fell in love despite strange perceptions

I willingly accepted you knowing

everything would be foretelling

With nothing but my wits and stupid love

You promised “it would be alright love”

I understand it would be tough but

with every passing moment in stride

Your loving embrace keeps me upright

I made my life with you even without dough

I believe in us – two hearts in one clove

So here I am inundated by your absence

I’ve tried once and tried again to make sense

Of why this unbearable abuses

had surfaced and resurfaced

against someone like me

Me, a mere reflection of you!

© 2012, Bessielah David