“Thank you Mom for your love and care towards me.

Mom, you mean so much to me.

I will always remember you in my little heart.

May God Bless you in this special day.”

Love you always.

Your daughter and Son

Shania and Sonny

These are the handwritten words of my daughter in behalf of her and her brother. I had tears in my eyes when she gave me the card. It was not fancy or glossy like the ones you buy from the shops. It was hand-crafted by my daughter, who is turning nine in September. – It had taken her almost a week to decide on what to write on the card in preparation for that day. Mother’s Day! She had given me a hint of having to give me something on that day, and the excitement and anticipation of that actual day- for my daughter is something extra-ordinary, She couldn’t stop talking about it.

It was a beautiful card! what can a mother say when this gesture tears at your heart-strings; she had colored it red, with a big red heart at the center of the front page, designed the interior with triangular borders and shaded it with tiny hearts; she had written her note to me in pencil, despite the numerous pelts of eraser on the paper, she had managed to color and design the card, the way she planned it . I know – the  thought that comes with the card amounts to nothing but a million pride, any mother would ask for – I know pride has it’s downers, but what more could a mother ask for, when you have your children building on their humane traits of – thoughtfulness, kindness and all the -ness that continues to be cultivated in their lifetime! It was a wonderful moment, I’ve had to share with my daughter and son. I don’t know about you mothers out there but to me, I couldn’t ask for a better gift than for my children’s thoughtfulness. It’s Priceless!