Tuesday afternoon was  just another ordinary afternoon – I had just arrived from work safely at 0600 pm, albeit a myriad of traffic hustle – a cacophony of steel, smoke and dust; horns blaring, loud music, tyre-screeching, all rambling for the first slot of free space on the freeway to reach their destinations on time – “smart” PMV and taxi drivers raced for their lane space just to get to their destination quicker. A scene, all too familiar, it is a daily struggle to travel out and in from where I live.

I had just held my 16 month old toddler son David and was breast-feeding him when mom began the forecast of the day’s event’s – that happened to her and my son.

Mom had my son seated on our lounge table-top which was about a meter high and gave him a colored, reading book to glance at the pictures. David just loves books! He likes to see pictures and read in his baby-like lingua-franca, and that moment was no different, he was so quiet and busy concentrating on the reading book.

Mom had two slices of bread in the toaster earlier and was trying to retrieve the bread slices and put in new slices. The distance from the kitchen bench and  the lounge table was about 4 meters wide. It’s actually quite a far. Mom was facing my son and walking backward to the toaster to retrieve the bread so she can keep an eye on my son, in case he tries to move. As soon as she reached the kitchen bench, she turned  to put in new bread slices when she had removed the toasted ones. It was a split second, when she turned, my son was on the floor, lying on his sides trying to get up, but couldn’t. It was so quiet, at that time, and consciously thinking, my son would have broken an arm, leg or even his neck – he still can not climb up from the floor or down from a high place and there would have been a loud crash with my son crying in inevitable pain if he fell from the table.

I can only thank God for his grace and mercy and utter a “thank you Lord!” I know there is a mighty living God we serve. And He is just doing His job – baby-sitting and protecting my son for that crucial moment as he has always been doing.

There was no broken arm, or leg, not even a scratch or lump on his body and face. He is a miracle that God gave to me, considering the circumstances surrounding my gestation period and birth, But that is for another time.