Those of us that needed reconfirmation in the heavenly blessings that is always abundant and full every morning, we needn’t look far- For every morning it is replenished by our heavenly father who is in control of the intricate details of our life. “In our youth, we must be thankful and give him glory” that’s what He wants us to do as it is mentioned in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 12, we must glorify him in our youth because in this day and age, we are at our best, so we must give him the best!… Our God is an almighty powerful God that gives healing to those that need healing, provides solace to those that need peace, gives abundant blessings of life to those that ask for it. He can beyond all measure make your wildest dreams come true. If you ask for it in his name by faith that in time, he will get you there, He will! I have seen his godly hand working miracles and pouring his blessings every day upon my life and I am indebted to Him! I am always thankful each morning for the blessings of health for my children, and for my life every day! I am thankful that I am able to share my blessings with those that needed to hear the wonderful things that God can create for them in their lives, to touch them with the simplicity of a faith that is grounded in true belief of Jesus the son of God. All you need to do is ask and test that the Lord is Good!