Most people who know mom, would agree that she is quite a story teller and captivates your attention until the end of the story- I mean who wouldn’t want to know what happens at the end, I do. Last night, she was telling us – My sister-in-laws and everyone in the house, how she started with the ministry. “A relative of my husband  “Vincent” was really sick in 2012, and my sister in-law wanted mom to go over to Madang and help pray for him.

She flew over and stayed with my sister-in-law and visited this relative- there was a mixture of emotions at first, but it was obvious that as mom prayed with them; let me remind you that they were devoted Catholics, but this didn’t hinder the power of healing as God loves sinners prayers, it is sweet incense in heaven, so after much prayer, meditation and soul-searching, by this relative, “Vincent”  was healed from his illness, what ever it was, he was diagnosed to go for a major surgery to the brain, which didn’t happen. Glory be to God!