Hello everyone, this may seem a little – off for some of you but if you are a believer in miracles, then this is no surprise… Am just gonna say it outright. I believe in miracles and I believe that I can be cured from anything. All I did was claim that GOD is in control of my LIFE, my  CIRCUMSTANCES and wants to heal me. All I have to do is YIELD. I have seen and heard from people who have used this oil and we have prayed them first hand, but I wouldn’t be telling you this if I hadn’t experienced healing for myself. It has been a week since, and I had this serious pelvic tension that is unpleasant and uncomfortable, for a week, I couldn’t sit upright, every little move is punctuated with discomfort and I feel bloated when I feel the urge to g to the bathroom, it was a weird experience. After feeling like these for a week, I asked mom if she could massage me with some oil in the evening, We prayed for the Lord’s healing and then she applied a huge portion on the affected area- which is practically, my whole belly anyway-Her prayer was short but somewhat powerful, I was also praying in my heart all the while when she was praying and we had asked for healing from whatever that was causing all these discomfort. Anyway, a long story short, I was awakened around 3 or 4 am in the morning by this urged to pass – yep you guessed it- GAS! LOL,  It was a major relief, and since then, I can only utter a THANK YOU for I had been healed, whatever, it was I had felt, It’s as if nothing had happened.